About Us

Can we be honest?  We think innovation is one of the most overused words in the Technology and Business World today. If you're not claiming to be innovative, you simply have no desire to be cool.

So that's why we decided to be cool and name our entire company after an overused word. (Yes, we understand irony.)

But even though "innovation" is overused, you can't deny that we are living in one of the most interesting times.  What we've become accustomed to as status quo is evolving before our very eyes. For example, what industry is not reliant on internet-based applications for business transactions and operational management?

When Erin met with potential sponsors for her Entrepreneur Summit over the past few years, she was introduced to Innovation Labs from companies from all sectors and backgrounds. Companies like tool makers, banks and trucking companies are testing non-traditional technologies to drive more efficient operations, dynamic customer interaction and experience, and creating new growth paths for their businesses. 

However, even though these companies had Innovation Labs, attracting the right talent was often a difficult task. 

It was our light bulb moment when we decided to create a podcast highlighting those who were driving the change with innovation so the talented professionals and complementary businesses who are looking for innovating companies could discover them.

Innovation is like raising a kid:  If you blink, you're going to miss out.

We're going to make sure you don't blink.

Who Are We?

Well, we are just two people who come from the opposite side of the tracks.

Erin Gregor is from the Entrepreneur world, having sold a couple of businesses. She now focuses on helping companies grow through content and social media marketing.  But she also helps expand their outside the box thinking by introducing innovating companies to the businesses that need them.

Syya Yasotornrat is a seasoned professional with 24+ years in technology sales, recruiting, and hospitality for companies including  SonicWALL, Hewlett-Packard and Disney Corp. She has worked with a diverse range of customers from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies on many innovative technologies that are ubiquitous today. She has two great dogs, Ellis and Ripley (one of Erin’s foster dogs), and can be seen at many a local music venues in the DFW area. 


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