[PODCAST] Teaching the Military's Keys To Success To Corporate America

leadership podcast Nov 27, 2019

 About This Discussion:

Have you ever wondered how military units can basically, send out young kids into major missions and sleep well the night before? This is especially important when most CEO’s of newer companies can’t sleep when leaving some of the more minimal tasks in their business to someone else.

Well, Jim Murphy, Founder & Chairman of Afterburner, asked the same question after becoming an F-15 Pilot in the Air Force. He began to dissect the process and after leaving the service, determined this was something corporations needed to be able to incorporate to have more success.

Since then, his company Afterburner has helped thousands of companies including those within the Fortune 50 and even the Super Bowl-Winning, New York Giants, incorporate his Flawless Execution Framework.

We had the honor of sitting down with Jim to talk about his framework, along with some of the biggest issues he sees today’s companies are dealing with. We also talked about how companies can stay ahead of innovation, and how to create a team that are centered around one mission.

5:30 - Jim tells us about his background, and how he went from a farmer to an F15 Fighter Pilot Instructor, and the important traits he learned from his parents that shaped him.

9:20 - What were the differences that Jim saw when he started breaking down the process of how he was able to climb the ranks so quickly within the Air Force, and what led him down that path

11:50 - When it comes to the fundamental problem, what’s the issue Jim sees companies make that causes them to need his help

13:05 - What preference of job level does Jim typically work with when trying to teach his decision-making tactics

14:00 - One of the key pieces to the framework, that most companies miss as an opportunity when debriefing with team members

15:00 - What are other tools leaders can use (or does Jim teach) to maintain a safe space for all employees to allow these debriefings to truly stay effective

17:21 - Jim’s opportunity to work with a Super Bowl team, and what was most important to them (and helped them to win the Super Bowl)

20:20 - When it comes to innovation staying one step ahead of your competition is crucial, and we discuss how Jim helps his clients learn to stay ahead of their competition without losing sight on over innovating

24:25 - Although this can make sense for Enterprise companies, do the SMB’s have the resources to be able to go in-depth on this framework to help their company?

27:05 - What other areas do companies struggle in when it comes to executing and learning from each of their execution tactics

Want to learn more about Afterburner? Visit www.Afterburner.com

And to check out the next Business Beyond the Battlefield Event, visit www.bbb19.com


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