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[PODCAST] Accelerating Performance For The Next Esports Stars

About This Discussion:

As Esports approaches a billion dollars in annual revenue, we know we’re only seeing the beginning of this industry. As you see more and more players striving to become professional, and more money being injected into...

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[PODCAST] Esports - Why We’re Seeing Just the Beginning of This Billion Dollar Industry

 About This Discussion:

Although we’ve all probably heard the terms gaming and Esports, there’s still a lot of unknown about the industries, and the true impact they have on our modern-day culture.

John Davidson, of PRG, joins us...

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[PODCAST] Holiday Roundtable - Innovation Current Events

About this Episode:

We've gathered the crew for another fun discussion.

Our guests:

  • Kurt Kelley - CEO, Excelerated Technology Consulting
  • Adam Lotia - CXO, Freelance Jax
  • Michael Flores - CTO, Moments By Design
  • Leslie Flores - CEO, Moments By...
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