[PODCAST] Esports - Why We’re Seeing Just the Beginning of This Billion Dollar Industry

esports Oct 14, 2019

 About This Discussion:

Although we’ve all probably heard the terms gaming and Esports, there’s still a lot of unknown about the industries, and the true impact they have on our modern-day culture.

John Davidson, of PRG, joins us for this conversation about the current state of Esports, along with the opportunities that are awaiting this billion-dollar industry.

Although you may think of them as interchangeable, Esports only accounts for about 6% of the gaming industry, but this number is about to take off as you see more and more traditional sports teams begin to take note and create their own leagues.

The future is extremely bright for this industry, and John helps us to understand the landscape, along with what will be next as they continue to attract big brands and move further and further into the mainstream.

4:00 - John shares his story into Esports from skateboarding to where he is today

9:25 - How an office job in an accounting firm, actually made him excited about business (and one of the keys he learned about the importance of culture)

13:15 - The concept of a company like GameStop, who sells video games, with the business of Esports

14:14 - What took GameStop so long to get into the Esports world (and the logic behind it)

15:18 - The definition and difference between Gaming and Esports

16:57 - The power of Esports versus gaming

18:15 - What was the landscape that allowed Esports to really take off?

21:00 - How the popularity of the games (not just with kids), and our older generations now growing up with gaming, has allowed us to accept gaming as a pastime

22:42 - Understanding the difference between a streamer and gamer

24:00 - Advise for those who are encouraging their kids to become professional gamers

26:32 - The mainstream of Esports, where traditional sports teams are jumping in on this trend

29:45 - Does the traditional sports world transition well into Esports tourneys

34:10 - Breaking down the gaming event experience, and the advantage that Esports compared to tradition sporting events

37:29 - Moving into PRG, the history, and what they’re planning on doing in the Esports world

39:40 - What opportunities are there in the event side of Esports?

46:10 - Should the Esports world have an initiative to bring more diversity to the community

47:47 - The fastest growing segment in Esports

50:14 - The advantage that Esports has against traditional sports in being able to be innovative

51:45 - Where does the responsibility lie in attracting diversity? Is it the game creators, or the event producers?

54:20 - An interesting fact about Fortnite (and why you should never give up)

55:10 - How do you even begin to attempt to understanding the potential of a game to take off

58:30 - What do brands need to know before they jump into sponsorships and partnerships for Esports

Visit John on Twitter @J0hnDavids0n


LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/john-davidson-42953846/


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