[PODCAST] Accelerating Performance For The Next Esports Stars

esports gaming Mar 13, 2020

About This Discussion:

As Esports approaches a billion dollars in annual revenue, we know we’re only seeing the beginning of this industry. As you see more and more players striving to become professional, and more money being injected into these teams, how do we first ensure the right path for these players. Plus, how do we create the optimal training regimen? 

Well, these are all questions that the Esports Performance Academy is working to answer. Founded by Andrew Cooley and Andrew English, EPA helps to develop future esports athletes. 

They sat down to talk to us about the future of Esports, and more about their company. We discussed how they’re finding and developing the talent, obstacles Esports is currently facing, and more about this booming industry.

About Andrew Cooley:

Andrew Cooley’s background includes over 15 years in multiple levels of esports, ranging from: competing at a pro/semi-pro level, coaching, player management, and esports businesses management. Prior to co-founding Esports Performance Academy (EPA), he also founded State of Mind Gaming and was President of GG Esports Academy. He has guided and fostered players and teams through various states of their careers, establishing a strong foundation of providing insights into the mindsets and motivations driving esports aces and aspirants. From 2018 to 2019, Andrew and his staff sent 12 players and one coach to play professionally in League of Legends and Overwatch.
About Andrew English:
Andrew got into esports early in high school, where he quickly dedicated himself to becoming a professional in the scene. He spent three years at the semi-pro level, competing and leading a variety of different teams. Andrew then transitioned to the management side of the industry where he now spends his career coaching, managing, and mentoring aspiring players, while also focusing on the operational efficiencies within the business. As someone who has both competed and worked in the current landscape of the dynamic industry, he is able to provide a unique and comprehensive perspective of what is required to develop the next generation of professionals.

The Official Episode Breakdown:  

5:55 - Meeting the two Andrews and discussing what Esports Performance Academy is, and where the idea came from

7:50 - When it comes to going pro in the Esports world, we discuss some of the misconceptions about actually making it to that level.

9:30 - How the history of playing games led to getting involved in the professional world to eventually starting this company.   

12:10 - How does EPA begin to find the talent that they’re going to work with?

14:05 - How does one actually get good enough to get to a professional level? Is it simply just playing all day, or are there fundamentals involved that someone can work on to continue to get better?

16:55 - How do they begin to scout and find those right people who should be joining their teams

17:55 - How accepting and warm are these elite players at being approached and wanting to work with Esports Performance Academy?

18:30 - We learn all kinds of new terms - FPS - First Person Shooter - MPOBA - Multi Player Online Battle Arena        

20:10 - We then circle back to their history, and why players are attracted to EPA

20:34 - Do the professional teams look at EPA as an ally or a competitor?

21:59 - When it comes to playing, can it be expected that you do need to play 8-10 hours every day in order to complete at this level, and what’s currently being done to make sure player’s mental health is always considered?

23:17 - Are there tools or software being used to help asses the players?

23:39 - When it comes to mental health, how much can actually be done, and how are studies being done to make sure there’s not a lot of long-term repercussions?

26:15 - Discussing the TILT stress-reliever, and can people overcome some of their issues by learning mindfulness?

28:10 - How can understanding emotions and being more mindful bring longevity to the player’s careers?

30:50 - Explaining the difference between a professional player and a streamer/entertainer

32:32 - What has to change in the Esports industry in order to really be able to handle the growth and being in the mainstream, and what’s really important to understand for those who are trying to get in.

37:20 - What’s happening in Vegas when it comes to Esports, and they are embracing this sport?

38:40 - As you see school districts embracing Esports and creating their own leagues, will that be something EPA can work with to help these kids to get on the right path?

41:20 - When it comes to parents how does EPA work with them as they’re developing players?

43:20 - When it comes to going pro what are the real odds of actually making it to the top?

46:15 - How times have changed where kids can actually grow up in this industry

47:23 - What is the lifespan of a typical pro player, and what does that depend on, is it the game?

49:10 - Where can skills be transferred?

51:30 - As titles change and update their games, how to pro players adapt, and how closely are the producers working with these players? 

You can learn more about Esports Performance Academy, visit https://epa.gg/


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