[PODCAST] Understanding the Value of Your Digital Identity

podcast Jul 24, 2020

In a world where we freely give our basic data way, it's hard to know if we truly understand the impact of giving away so much will one day have on our lives. In this episode of Innovation Calling, we sat down with Digital Identity Expert, Max Kirby. Max helps breakdown this extremely complex topic and helps the every day person understand how technology is changing and how that could directly impact our principals.

In this episode we discussed how policy could change as more data is collected, the value of data to other companies, what data we should and shouldn't be giving away, and is it possible to delete our digital footprint forever. 

We hope you enjoy this episode.

Here is the full breakdown:

5:20 - Are data privacy issues based on the lack of laws that are currently around them, or are they driven by something else?

8:35 - Are we at a place where Big Brother is already watching us, or do we still have a ways to go before we get ‘there.’

10:19 - Is it just over social media where we’re willing to give up our rights to our data just so we can feel connected to those around us.

15:18 - How dangerous do these issues become when we’re willing to give up even more privacy for the sake of ‘safety’ - as in sharing our medical data, sharing our locations, etc, so people know who are in certain places, and how healthy they are.

19:12 - Are we leading down a path where robots can actually have free will?

25:14 - When data is becoming an even more valuable currency, how do we begin to slow down the collection of data when it’s become more valuable than ever?

29:31 - When we give data to other humans, they forget, and the problem is that computers don’t forget. However, can we ever get computers to forget? Can we ever wipe our data from the internet?

32:50 - When it comes to data, can we ever be more specific of what goes out to the world, but yet be okay with other data? What’s the data that you should be most worried about?

35:18 - When it comes to the fact that we give away our data, should we be getting paid for it since the companies are using it to their advantage?

38:16 - If our identity does become our currency, what does our future look like, and how does Max guide is clients to stay ahead of the curve?

42:17 - What does Max do to protect himself?

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