[PODCAST] Driving the Future of Robotics With Muz Motion

ai podcast robotics Feb 21, 2019

 About This Discussion:

We may think the future when we hear the term Robotics, but the truth is that we no longer need to wait for the future to see this amazing technology being utilized.

The time is actually now, and MuZ Motion is leading the way when it comes to robotics marketing.

MμZ Motion is a motion and control company that produces custom, high-performance motion solutions for the burgeoning robotics market, with a primary focus on the collaborative robotics [COBOT] market

Founder Carl Copeland joined us to discuss the history of MuZ Motion, and what makes his technology so unique. We also discussed the future of robotics, and where we can expect to see his technology used.

About Carl Copeland:

Carl is the CEO of MuZMotion and has leveraged a life of diverse experiences to successfully assemble and lead multi-disciplinary teams in developing simple, effective, technological solutions.

From a humble, agrarian upbringing to leading innovation in the fields of information technologies, mechanical engineering, magnetic and electrical design, his experiences, and the skills gained from them, foster a unique perspective that produces innovative solutions

Carl has founded 4 companies, holds more than 22 patents (with dozens more pending) and serves on the board of 2 humanitarian NGOs. He places a particular focus on innovating pragmatic technologies that directly address humanity's most pressing needs.

His most recent innovation, the Field Modulation Motion System, is driving the future of robotics, automation and aerospace.

To find out more: www.MuZMotion.com

To connect with the MuZ Motion team - Email [email protected]

Here is the official episode breakdown:

2:10 - The history behind the name of MuZ Motion

5:10 - The journey of founding this company (P.S. A very intriguing story)

12:00 - The premise of the company (More detail about robotics)

13:30 - The state of robotics

21:50 - For an idea that’s been going for 25 years, why now for this company?

24:30 - Differences between the types of robotic devices

30:40 - MuZ Motions position in the market, and who their primary customer is

32:40 - What’s the ROI for Robotics, and how do you make it more ROI friendly?

33:40 - Do we really need to worry about robots taking over the world?

37:30 - What are some of the biggest challenges for MuZ Motion?

40:00 - Is Texas the spot for high tech investments?

42:00 - What kind of companies would be a perfect fit for MuZ Motion



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