[PODCAST] John Deere's Exciting Vision for IoT in Agriculture

 *** CES 2020 SERIES ***

About This Discussion:

You don’t really expect to see a big green John Deere in the middle of the 2019 CES (Consumers Electronics Show) floor where companies from around the world gather to see next-generation innovations. What does farming equipment have to do with technology? We met up with Sona Raziabeegum with John Deere for a fascinating conversation on how John Deere uses technology and innovation to solve real-world problems that affect us all.

Throughout the history of the company John Deere has been innovative and we got a glimpse at just how technologically advanced farming and farming equipment truly is. This equipment helps farmers do so much more for a population that is growing. The efficiency and precision of the tech in this equipment are mind-blowing and results in less energy and other resources wasted. Sona gives us a picture of how John Deere uses technology and innovation to not only meet the current food and farming needs of the world but how they are looking towards the future with sustainability in mind.

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Here’s the Official Breakdown:

00:00 February 5th Women in Tech Leadership Series.

1:38 CES with John Deere.

2:30 Introduction.

3:10 John Deere’s history at CES.

3:45 Building awareness of how technologically advanced farming is. Being the voice of the farmers and of the agricultural industry.

4:23 To make tech companies aware that John Deere has utilized AI, machine learning, etc for decades.

4:45 Innovation Calling highlighting cutting edge companies.

5:23 Self-propelled John Deere Sprayer.

6:00 What are you doing at CES?

6:33 Taking mainstream technologies and showing a real-world application that impacts everybody.

6:56 Helping farmers do a lot more with a lot less. Using technology to provide as efficiently as possible for a growing population.

7:10 Can you tell us about advancements inside the machine?

7:31 Internet of Things, predictive maintenance.

8:01 Remote management.

8:20 Connectivity in equipment.

8:47 IoT and the Self-propelled Sprayer. An ensemble with the latest and greatest tech coming together.

9:53 The result is a machine that delivers precise amounts of fertilizer, herbicide, etc.

10:32 Optimizing the energy makes farming more efficient and less wasteful.

11:14 Harnessing and leveraging technology to help the farmers do more with less.

11:40 A farmer’s economics. With the precision of the equipment that farmers are using their profitability, their margins are improving.

12:13 Sustainability and preserving the land.

12:32 Technology that solves real-world problems that affect all of us.

13:02 Crops are cleaner, less waste, less runoff into the water supply.

14:00 A look into the future, precision that reduces herbicide use by 90%.

16:14 How does John Deere overcome the challenge of rural coverage and utilize 5G and IoT in rural communities?

17:30 Building the computing power onto the machines themselves. Models are adjusted to be workable.

18:18 Other ways of connectivity. Global positioning system, one of five companies in the world that has it’s own satellite connection system.

19:00 Even with limited connection, farmers have choices in what they can use and data is collected off the equipment every 30 seconds.

19:17 Security of the data that is being collected.

20:15 From family farms to corporations, how is John Deere affordable for smaller farms.

22:30 Sona’s career progress at John Deere.

23:54 The industry is changing to a more hybrid ecosystem where bits and pixels mingle with atoms.

24:23 Looking at the challenges years from now,  2030 what are the challenges you see in your role helping to get there.

24:41 Good is the enemy of great.

25:30 John Deere is not a stranger to transformation.

26:50 The future is limitless.

27:04 Giants topple so you can’t get too comfortable sitting on your laurels.

27:18 How else can we learn about John Deere? Johndeerejournal.com

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