[PODCAST] Compelling Applications and the Future of Robotic Process Automation

ai podcast rpa Apr 30, 2020

In tales about the future, we hear of the world where robots take over the workforce, but the truth is a world with ‘robots’ isn’t just for science fiction readers. In fact, it’s here now. We sat down with some folks at Blue Prism, a company focused on creating Robotic Process Automation, and we had the opportunity to break down use cases for RPA and some of the amazing ways this technology is making a huge difference within companies.

Gone are the days where workforces are solely made of humans, but we are now adding digital labor to take over mundane tasks. There’s so much more to this technology than a straight-forward ROI, as it’s about not just creating a faster workforce, but a happier one.

If you’d like to learn more about Blue Prism, Visit: https://www.blueprism.com/

Also, in this episode, we talked about the upcoming event Blue Prism World 2020, which has been moved to a virtual event. Visit https://home.blueprismworld.com/ for up-to-date information.

The Official Episode Breakdown:

4:56 - Learning more about what Blue Prism is and exploring the area of digital labor

6:39 - When it comes to working with companies, how is the ROI case made, and is there a general ‘sweet spot’ that companies can see where RPA could really pay off? This also isn’t necessarily a black and white answer, where numbers are the sole decision maker, and we discuss the other factors where RPA can have a huge impact on a company.

9:38 - Are digital workers and human workers mutually exclusive, or should companies consider looking at them from a different perspective?

12:04 - If you’re replicating a top talent, and you’re not replacing the top talent, then where does that talent go, and how exactly can a company consider utilizing them

17:18 - Does Robotic Process Automation take away from some of the human experience if information is getting handed to us as we need it, versus us having to work for it.

19:04 - What makes Blue Prism true A.I., and how does Machine Learning play into making applications smarter and faster?

21:46 - Is there a line that Blue Prism draws in what kind of companies they help, and how they can actually help them?

24:40 - We explore the new career paths and opportunities RPA can actually create for others versus solely taking away jobs.

28:04 - How large does a company have to be before they can truly utilize RPA technology, and what are some cool use cases for this technology?

31:05 - Can RPA technology actually be more accurate than a human, and what are the use cases that prove that?

33:20 - How useful is RPA if the data you’re working with is delayed?

35:10 - Is RPA’s main job to ‘tell people what to do’ or is it about providing the data to make the right decision?

 36:22 - How does RPA change liability for things like the medical field? Should a digital worker be in charge of making decisions?

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