[PODCAST] Creating a Workforce Driven To Learn and Grow

 Women in Tech Leadership Series

About this Discussion:

The future of work and culture in companies is evolving. Companies need to adapt to the changing demands from their clients, employees and society at large, particularly around learning and development. As has often been noted, technology improvements is changing the skills needed to operate a successful and modern organization. It’s not just about throwing instructional modules up at an employee base and hope they learn something new. It’s about understanding the needs of the individual, culture of the organization and fostering a supporting environment so employees want to learn and evolve.

About Vidya Krishnan:

Vidya Krishnan, Chief Learning Officer, Head of Global Learning & Development at Ericsson joins for the last Women in Tech Leadership of 2019. With over 20+ years in the Telecom+IT industry, she knows firsthand that operational excellence comes from having an entrepreneurial start-up culture where speed, agility, and creativity are combined with the experience, caliber, expertise, and know-how of an established organization.

 You can reach Vidya on Linkedin.

 Here’s the Official Breakdown:

1:00 Vidya discusses her background in engineering, and how her curiosity got her to where she is today

3:15 - How Vidya’s personality has helped her to rise to the top from an engineer to her current role as a CLO

6:05 - What is a Chief Learning Officer, and what is Vidya’s role with Ericsson

9:10 - What is the Learning Industry all about? What are the goals of it, and how has it changed over the past few years?

12:15 - The importance of culture and how it’s interwoven within a company. Plus, Vidya’s role with culture.

14:43 - When it comes to purpose, is Vidya’s main goal to help guide people into new roles and challenges, or is she there to help just support those who are seeking that in their careers

17:23 - When it comes to learning, where on the spectrum of change and innovation does Ericsson stand

20:22 - What are some of Vidya’s biggest challenges to get to where they want to be

21:55 - Vidya’s been with Ericsson for 20+ years, and what were some of her most memorable mistakes as she rose in her career

25:30 - When it comes to women in leadership roles and the inability to decouple failure and shame, how does it affect our ability to grow in new roles

27:04 - How does one begin to teach a workforce not just to accept change, but to drive towards it

29:15 -  When it comes to weakness, with women being okay to show vulnerability and men not being as willing, does it help women grow in leadership roles. Is showing vulnerability a weakness?

32:10 - Is there a line between showing vulnerability vs. too much over sharing

34:20 - How do you promote a workforce to keep failing (in a good way — failing forward)?

36:40 - The millennial mindset, and what does this generation know about finding great work and purpose

42:16 - Wonder Woman - what made her so amazing and a Heroic Leader

46:06 - When it comes to the next generation of women leaders, how do we keep certain generations from falling behind?


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