[PODCAST] Cyber Security and Corporate Responsibility

cyber security podcast Apr 26, 2019

 About This Discussion:

We talked about it all from Joe's experience as a successful entrepreneur, and how that helped him with his lead role at Bitdefender.

We also talked a lot about Cyber Security, like what are some of the biggest threats companies are facing, and what companies like Bitdefender are doing to make sure they're staying on top of not just current attacks but potential attacks.

About Joe Sykora:

Joe Sykora is a successful entrepreneur and thought leader for high performance and high reward organizations. He has successfully sold two companies and currently leads the sales organization at Bitdefender after seven years of growing the channel at Fortinet almost 50% YoY. Joe is passionate about growth and considers every challenge an opportunity for development. 

To learn more about Bitdefender or Joe, visit www.Bitdefender.com

Episode Breakdown:

3:04 - Joe’s career at Bitdefender, and why he is liking the challenge
4:35 - What is the biggest difference Joe has found between entrepreneurship and corporate work
6:02 - The secrets to hiring and attracting the right talent
10:42 - The secrets to working with channel partners if paths may not agree
13:00 - Vendors or customers - who is the most important for a great channel relationship
20:00 - Machine learning within Cyber Security and what makes Bitdefender stand out from their competitors
23:00 - What issues IoT is bringing to the Cyber Security space
25:00 - Who is responsible for securing data? Should we be, or should companies be held responsible?
27:00 - Are corporations doing enough for protecting their data?
31:00 - How sophisticated have attacks become and how can attacks be anticipated?
37:00 - Is cyber security just now blowing up?
45:00 - LinkedIn, wait, what? Yes, we went there.

To learn more about Bitdefender or Joe, visit www.Bitdefender.com

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