[PODCAST] Defining Digital Transformation Through AI

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About this Episode:

How do companies stay ahead of the curve, and how do you create the motivation for change, when staying complacent has more pros than cons? And how do large companies continue to lead industries that are constantly being disrupted?

Although this episode covers AI, the answer is so much more than automation and AI, and we're covering everything in this episode of Innovation Calling. Kory Farooquie, CEO of iNVATERRA, a company that focuses on helping companies with automation, joins us for this conversation about how to utilize data, when it's too late for a company to change, and how learning to do 360 degree views of your business could be the one thing that helps your company stay for the long haul.

About Khurram (Kory) Farooquie:

Kory is an International Senior Executive and Deal Maker. As the founder and CEO of iNVATERRA, he is a self-described constant learner, a visionary and an eternal optimist. Kory is a data and intelligent automation evangelist and keynote speaker who works with global clients to bring the C-suite together and help them roadmap a future in an age of AI with a goal to cater to the upcoming AI Native generation as future customers, consumers, and even employees. Kory has been at the forefront of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Intelligent Automation from sourcing to implementing automation strategies to the implementation of automation across multiple business units.

Find Kory at http://invaterra.com and https://www.nextgen.ninja/.

Episode Breakdown:

1:42 - The truth behind the rise and fall and rise again of iNVATERRA

6:04 - Why not just focusing on one area of your business and focusing on the entire journey matters?

8:29 - Even with a process and a 360 view, how do you convince companies to change?

10:30 - When does innovation finally end within a company?

11:15 - Why reviewing your company and truly understanding what your company truly sells vs. just your product and service.

13:13 - Do you know your customers and know the experience they desire? If the answer you’re no, why you’re in big trouble.

14:18 - How you can leverage data to know your customer.

16:00 - Machine Bias, and why it can be counter-intuitive to predictive analytics.

18:28 - Can there ever be too much automation?

23:00 - What is the minimum sized company who can take advantage of all of this data and automation?

26:57 - A few of the biggest things that are killing large companies

28:00 - What do you our huge entrepreneurs of our time do differently that has set them apart?

31:00 - What can we learn from one of the most basic businesses, like Crayola?

33:00 - What you need to do and become in order to survive in the world of AI.



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