[PODCAST] How Design Thinking Leads to Innovation Excellence

design podcast May 08, 2020

When it comes to companies researching emerging technology and innovation, it can be tempting to innovate for the sake of innovating rather than for the sake of what your users may actually want and need. 

We are also living in a world where the leadership of companies is dominated by left-brain thinkers, who will sacrifice creativity for the sake of numbers, and not failing for the sake of continuing to do what's worked in the past.

Between these two issues, many companies are missing the mark on how to thrive. Now more than ever, it's important for companies to understand that what has worked in the past isn't going to get them very far. They must put innovation and user-centered designs first if they want to wow their customers and create a long-lasting company.

Robert Niemiec joined us on this episode of Innovation Calling, and we talked in-depth about how his company Twisthink helps companies to create a different narrative when it comes to implementing technology and how to create a team of creative thinkers, who are also focused on wowing your customers.

You can find out more and connect with Robert at Twisthink.com

Here is the official episode breakdown:

5:25 - When it comes to Twisthink, what does it mean by implementing a human element within their design process?

7:26 - The three lenses that should be used for every project, and how those lend themselves into true innovation

8:34 - What are some of the projects that Twisthink has worked on to implement the three lenses, and how exactly it all comes together

15:34 - Knowing that people can sometimes be set in their ways, how hard is it to persuade teams when they are sold on something, yet the data is pointing to create a pivot?

18:30 - Are we doomed as humans to be stuck in our ways, and is left-brain dominated leaders hurting our ability to innovate?

21:30 - When it comes to technology and implementing new things, how can a company like Twisthink help to convince their clients of the impact and importance of usability and designing for the user and not just to add new technology?

25:35 - Are there specific industries that are embracing human design over others? (And why the response might surprise you.)

28:35 - How do companies start to think differently and foster creativity and risk within your workforce?

30:45 - If the bridge of innovation can’t be gapped quickly, is there a way to begin to get leaders seeing the opportunities they might be missing, even at a small scale?

33:58 - How much does psychology apply when having these human design centered discussions?

37:10 - The shock of how companies can be successful in spite of themselves, but how truly great leaders must learn how to fear easy

39:42 - The metaphor of a shed, and how having a separate space can help inspire a team to continue to innovate through their core, yet look at others areas of growth

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