[PODCAST] Innovation in Podcasting

podcast Jan 31, 2019

About this episode:

We are so honored to record this episode of Innovation Calling. We traveled to the mothership, home of Podcast Detroit and It in the D to talk the future of podcasting. These guys have been podcasting and building a following in the millions since 2013, and they talked about their journey, how podcasting has evolved, and how corporations and businesses can look at this new medium in a completely new way (plus so much more)!


Bob Waltenspiel – The “Sales Guy”

Dave Phillips – The “Geek”

Randy Walker – The “Twitters Guy”

Nuri Gocay – The “FNG”


1:40 IT in the D History

3:15 How It All Started – The February 2009 Networking Event

5:50 How They Utilized LinkedIn To Grow

7:15 The ‘Don’t Be That Guy’ Blog & How It Started

8:50 Why the Podcast Started in 2013

14:30 How They Came Up With the Twist of Making Technology Interesting

17:00 The Journey of Finding Their Audience & Why Knowing Your Audience is BS

18:30 Why Being Authentic Is Everything

20:00 The Two Guests That They Actually Had a Hard Time With

22:00 Has Podcasting Changed Since 2009

27:00 Where is Podcast Going In the Corporate America/Business Setting

35:00 Individual Thoughts on the Future of Podcasting

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