[PODCAST] Innovation In The Massage And Self Care Industry

#ces2020 #self care Jan 30, 2020

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About This Discussion:

When it comes to emerging technology, you may not think about the self-care industry as one who is pushing the envelope in innovation. However, if there’s anything we have learned over and over again is that if you’re a company of any kind, you have to embrace technology in order to not just thrive, but even survive.

truMedic is a market leader for high quality massage and self-care tools. They adhere to a core value for constant exploration of cutting edge technologies to enhance the customer experience. This drive to consistently innovate with each generation product is why they’ve been lauded by Oprah Winfrey for two years in a row. truMedic is truly bringing state of the art technology to homes.

Outside of greatly enjoying demonstrations of their exciting product line, we grabbed a few moments with Darren Lisiten, truMedic’s CMIO at CES 2020, and learned about their innovation strategy, which includes how they’re using data and AI to augment their products. There are a lot of great and unique products on the horizon for this amazing company.


Learn More About truMedic Here: https://trumedic.com/


Here's The Official Breakdown:

5:15 - As TruMedic grows, how innovation is important to their business

7:40 - How creating a next level experience is so crucial to something as ‘basic’ as a massager

8:00 - What sets TruMedic apart from other self-care product companies

8:55 - What does the future of product development look like for TruMedic

12:55 - How can a company drive far beyond just products to truly build a large brand

14:15 - Why data is such a large component to their brand



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