[PODCAST] Innovation Roundtable: Current Events Panel

For this Innovation Calling podcast, we decided to switch it up and invite some of our smartest friends over for a discussion of random Innovation current events.

Our guests:

  • Kurt Kelley - CEO, Excelerated Technology Consulting
  • Adam Lotia - CXO, Freelance Jax
  • Michael Flores - CTO, Moments By Design
  • Leslie Flores - CEO, Moments By Design

We want to especially thank our friend Leslie Flores of Moments By Design for sponsoring our food and cocktails, and setting up her amazing party-in-a-box for us. You can find out more about this innovative concept that will make your party Pinterest worthy in a blink of an eye at:



(They’re just getting ready to launch, so follow them on social and stay tuned!)

 Just some of what we discussed:

  •  The Marriott security breach and what it means to you, even if you think it might not be a big deal.
  •  Why giving up our data for convenience may hurt us?
  •  What is really happening to our data?
  •  Should 4-Year Degrees be required in today’s world?
  •  How automation could potentially harm us vs help us
  •  Plus so much more!

Episode Timeline Breakdown: 

1:00 - Intros

3:30 - The Marriott data breach and how it affects you

7:20 - Are you average in how you store your passwords?

11:20 - Why Syya can't get on PerezHilton.com

12:45 - Should we be a little worried about new technology?

19:30 - How much is convenience worth?

27:15 - How close is net neutrality and will it affect you?

31:15 - Should companies still require a 4-year degree to hire?

34:00 - Is getting an MBA still relevant?

37:00 - Are corporations now hiring incorrectly?

39:00 - What in the world is a Zennial? Are you one?

43:00 - Our new favorite word - souffle

47:00 - Going back to apprenticeships - should we? 

50:00 - Why over educating isn't doing anyone any favors

56:30 - The faultiness of plane design

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