[PODCAST] Leadership, Culture & Next Generation Media Marketing

About this Discussion:

There are few companies in our lifetime that truly have huge impacts on our life, that change the way we interact with people, the way we do business, and the way we live our every day lives. Facebook happens to be one of those, and for most of us, Facebook (or one of Facebook’s companies) is something we use every day.

In this month’s Women in Tech Leadership series, we talked to Gwen Throckmorton, Head of Emerging Technology at Facebook, and discuss her rise to the top, and the risks she took, and the lessons she learned as she grew in her role. We also talked about Facebook, and the things that they do well on a cultural level, and how she leads her team in an environment that is all about collaboration, yet flexibility.

We also talked about the current state of media along with the future, and the key things that brands can do to take advantage of this amazing opportunity to utilize social to get in front of their audience. (This isn’t just about big brands too, but small businesses.)

About Gwen Throckmorton:

Gwen Throckmorton is an executive with career record of success in developing and executing marketing, digital product development, sales, and client acquisition/retention strategies that strengthen revenue, profit, and competitive advantage. She is a motivated and respected leader who defines the vision, communicates objectives, and guides organizations to new heights of success. Her dynamic background with Sony, Time Warner Cable, and Facebook gives her the driver's seat in next generation marketing and sales for major media brands today.

Here is the official breakdown:

3:03 - We start at Gwen’s past, her post-college career, and how her path changed by taking chances

6:05 - How did Gwen manage to find the opportunities that truly changed the trajectory of her career 

8:17 - We break down the production assistant job role, and really how it’s not the best job you want, and what it taught Gwen about her future roles

9:45 - What they don’t teach you college, but what they should teach you (big lessons to learn as you’re in the workforce)

11:15 - What’s changed now in the entertainment industry from when Gwen started

13:45 - A great tip on how to interact with other roles within a company to advance your career

17:20 - Does Gwen think large companies are evolving enough to accommodate the change in the business to handle Gen Z’ers.

19:11 - How does the open concept and collaborative environment fit into the flexible work schedule

20:35 - What’s Gwen philosophy on bringing people together as a manager

21:50 - The five questions Gwen asks every employee to understand the priorities of people she is interviewing

23:39 - The secret of maintaining a great culture through growth and massive evolution

26:10 - What bringing your authentic self to the workplace means

27:51 - What qualities do some of the best leaders have when it comes to balance and being authentic

28:55 - What’s the line between vulnerability and weakness

31:20 - What it truly means to show weakness, and why vulnerability is key

33:21 - Gwen explains her role at Facebook, and the brands she helps

34:09 - When it comes to media what does the landscape look like

37:19 - Are content-heavy brands using social media enough to promote? (And the key Gwen feels about brands need to do well when it comes to advertising on social)

39:55 - What the next thing will be when it comes to television

40:15 - How does the dynamic work when it comes to competition with content, but the content creators also need social marketing

43:10 - The growth strategy of capturing the market as different platforms come to age and the younger generations move away from Facebook

46:00 - How does an entrepreneur compete in the wild wild west of content



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