[PODCAST] Propelling Photonics With IOWN

ces2020 computing photonics Feb 10, 2020

 *** CES 2020 SERIES ***

About This Discussion:

The internet is not an infinite resource, bandwidth is limited. What are the plans for the future, what can we expect to see to help us navigate this reality? We were able to meet up with Kazuhiro Gomi of NTT and learn about IOWN (Innovation Optical and Wireless Network) a beyond internet concept that addresses future concerns such as bandwidth, energy consumption, and sustainability. We discuss some ways this optical wireless network can work for us in the future from medical standpoints to manufacturing plants, to Indy race cars. Listen in to this fascinating episode that is part of our CES 2020 series.

About Kazuhiro Gomi:

Kazuhiro Gomi is leading NTT Research, a research center in the heart of Silicon Valley that carries out advanced research for some of the world’s most important and impactful technologies, including quantum computing, cryptography, and information security, and medical and health informatics. Mr. Gomi was appointed President and CEO of NTT Research when it was founded in July 2019. NTT Research draws upon the strength and heritage of applied research and innovation from the massive NTT R&D in Japan. With more than 6,000 researchers and investing USD $3.6 billion annually, NTT R&D is one of the largest and most respected research groups globally. NTT Research is a wholly owned subsidiary of NTT Group, number 55 on the Fortune Global 500 for 2018. Mr. Gomi began his career at NTT and has been an NTT employee for more than 20 years.

Here’s The Official Breakdown:

0:00 NTT at CES. Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation.

1:23 IOWN Innovation Optical and Wireless Network.

2:00 Technology and growth at CES.

2:38 Addressing the yellow and red flags of the future such as energy consumption and sustainability.

3:18 Privacy challenges.

3:40 The need for more bandwidth.

4:09 “Beyond Internet”. IOWN an overarching concept.

4:52 How does IOWN plan to address issues such as bandwidth, privacy, etc.

5:30 IOWN, all-optical computers.

7:25 Vision to bring everything under an optical basis.

7:59 We have to improve further, from 5G. 

8:23 Photonic technology.

9:38 What does it take to implement IOWN once we are able?

10:06 Visions of what can be done once IOWN is in place.

10:28 Digital Twin computing concept.

11:25 Medical application of a Digital Twin. 

13:10 A different application of the Digital Twin technology: manufacturing plants.

13:46 NTT and other companies to partner and collaborate, IOWN forums.

14:43 What kind of companies fit this membership profile.

15:50 The consumer drives the demand.

16:18 Unsustainable data centers.

16:46 VR and smart cities.

17:42 NTT and the Indy Car sponsorship.

18:39 NTT is a part of everyday life and technology.

19:04 Crossroad of IOWN and mechanics, concept Indy Cars.

19:59 What is the timeframe we can expect to be using IOWN.

20:30 Security, cryptology technology is a small part of IOWN that we could be using earlier.

21:35 IOWNgf.org and global.NTT



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