[PODCAST] Redefining The Customer Experience: Online And In The Real World

Uncategorized Nov 19, 2019

About This Discussion:

It's a fact that as we become more dependent on technology for customer experience, traditional brick and mortar retail businesses must align for evolving expectations. It is simply not enough to have product available to touch, taste, experience. Consumers are very interested in better products at better prices and better experiences. Even now, retailers are still challenged with managing omnichannels in an effective way where both the online business is truly integrated with the traditional shopping experience.

Julian Fisher, CEO of Jisp, saw this big gap between the messaging and experience and service between online and brick and mortar businesses. By merging the operations for the retailers, Jisp is redefining the proposition of how products at the quickest possible time are delivered at the best possible price.

About Julian Fisher:

Julian Fisher is the founder and CEO of jisp, a lifestyle app that digitises physical products and experiences to bring the best of online into physical spaces.

He’s enjoyed a varied background in technology, payments and new media that saw him launching the UK’s first internet exhibition in 1994. The expo showcased companies providing internet-connecting services, and the first question Julian got asked when approached by BBC Breakfast journalist was “what is this thing called the world wide web?”

Since then Julian’s work has remained inexorably linked to technology, improving sales and payments and tackling compliance issues for a wide group of blue-chip companies. The passion to provide innovative solutions fuels Julian and his team to constantly push the boundaries in unifying on and offline platforms and bring the best customer experience across retail, hospitality and entertainment industries.

Julian can be reached at: Linkedin and Twitter

Learn More about Jisp: https://www.jisp.com/

Here's the Official Breakdown:

0:00        Introductions and Daylight Savings Time Change

1:30        Advocating for the internet in 1994

3:53        Selling an event business to IDG

4:30        Differences between the US convention booths vs. GB open based stands

5:51        Julian the entrepreneur, selling soda at school

6:10        Evolution from publishing to the exhibition and conferences business, industries and online publishing

6:40        Challenge of Wireless Basic protocols and speed for mobile phones

7:17        Do you fancy a Kwickie?

7:56        The formation of Jisp and the problem with retail between online shoppers and in store  shoppers and addressing omnichannel

10:55     The value of jisp

12:48     Realtime adjustments of pricing online

14:03     What is the pushback from retail stores?

14:39     The most important difference between online and in person is the shopper

16:26     The revenue comparison between ecommerce versus traditional retail

17:52     Evolution of Black Friday and Cyber Monday

20:17     Is jisp killing jobs in retail?

22:40     The difference between jispGO and AmazonGo

23:07     Importance of the consumer and the customer experience

24:45     Difference between US and Great Britain in retail innovation

26:29     Development of emerging technology in retail like AR, AI, Machine Learning in the US and Israel

29:05     Jisp will be at the NRF Event in NYC in Jan. 2020 https://nrfbigshow.nrf.com/

33:02     What's next for Jisp


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