[PODCAST] Securing The Skies From Next Generation Drones

drones security Feb 18, 2020

 ***CES 2020 SERIES***

About This Discussion:

In this episode, we had the honor of speaking with Brett Velicovich, the Strategic Advisor for WhiteFox Defense Technologies at CES 2020. Brett gives us the rundown on the need for drone safety and security measures. WhiteFox invented the counter-drone solution and develops products to securely manage drones in airspaces worldwide.

Listen in as we learn more about what counter-drone is and why Brett says that without it we cannot realize the full potential of drone technology. More and more drones are used every day, by hobbyists, the military, and companies such as Amazon, Google, and UPS for deliveries. How can we ensure that they seamlessly and safely blend into our lives? 

About Brett Velicovich:

Brett Velicovich is a U.S. Army Veteran, National Security Analyst, Author, and Business Executive. Brett served as an intelligence analyst (MOS 35F) for the U.S. Army, in both Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) and Operation Enduring Freedom(OEF). After he received an MBA from Duke University and focused his post-Army career on the commercial drone technology sector. He is the Strategic Advisor for WhiteFox Defense Technologies.

Twitter: @TheDroneWarrior LinkedIn: Brett Velicovich

Here's the Official Breakdown:

0:15 CES 2020, Brett Velicovich, WhiteFox Defense Technologies.

1:39 Drone expert, military and private sector.

1:48 WhiteFox Defense and drone security, dangers, maintenance, safety as a society.

2:55 What is White Fox Defense?

3:30 Virtual Geofence, systems that counter threats from drones.

4:14 What are the capabilities and ranges for a Geofence?

4:59 Larger range for big facilities and FAA regulations.

5:56 How drone technology has evolved. 

6:40 Drones in the public and commercial sectors.

7:00 Drones evolving, stabilizers and WiFi capabilities.

7:46 Drones are not only about what you can see in photos but they are about gathering data.

8:00 Drones and how they are used has changed.

8:28 Counter-drone fields are having to evolve with drone technology.

8:48 What is jamming, or mitigating?

9:09 Counter-droning is security.

10:21 Remote ID, the digital license.

11:17 WISDM, WhiteFox’s remote ID system also addresses personal security.

11:48 Precision in the WISDM system.

12:23 Safety system in drones to return them home.

13:12 Many home-built drones are not up to regulation.

13:42 Is drone tech regulated? Regulations are not keeping pace with new technology.

15:21 Different regulations between the private and public sectors.

15:58 Regulations hindering mitigation.

17:01 Drones: from flying over stadiums to regulations, and nuances.

17:40 The dangers of not having regulations in place to mitigate.

18:20 Study of drones in LA airspace over six months showed surprising results.

19:19 Careless users are a concern.

20:40 What is WhiteFox showcasing at CES?
20:49 WhiteFox is the first counter-drone company at CES.

21:20 Scorpion 2, handheld devices detecting drones.

22:00 Waiting on FAA to approve the Remote ID system.

22:57 What are the security measures and mechanisms in drones today in general?

23:25 FAA Regulations and education for the consumer.

25:00 Strategic Advisor for WhiteFox.

26:29 Drone technology benefits from cell technology.

26:39 How long drones can be in the air, refueling in air, the demand for battery over gas-powered drones.

27:15 The gap is closing between military and civilian grade drones.

27:25 Older drones versus their newer counterparts.

28:42 Drones delivering goods to consumers, and the importance of safety and security.

30:00 Air space and dedicated lanes for drones to fly in a set path may be in our future.

30:11 Where to find WhiteFox. 

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