[PODCAST] Solving Complex Issues Through Gaming

gaming Oct 07, 2019

About This Discussion:

In a world where gaming is not just a past-time, but a way of life, Robert Atkins of Balanced Media Technology, wanted to find a way to utilize the time and effort people put into video games for good. A veteran in the gaming space, Robert has been part of some of today’s most popular games. 

The team at Balanced Media wanted more than just another gaming company, though. They wanted to drive real change, and that’s when their company was born. By connecting communities of developers, researchers, and foundations, Balanced Media Technology, allows them to create tools, and gathers data to help solve extremely complex problems (think cancer research).

Robert shares his history of gaming, what brought him to be part of this amazing company, and what’s in the future for an idea that feels like it has endless possibilities.

About Robert Atkins:

As CEO of BALANCED Media | Technology, Robert Atkins is focused on company building and product design which will inspire a culture of Collaborative Innovation, Immersive Learning, and Interactive Machine Learning.
As a founding member of five interactive entertainment companies, Robert has contributed heavily to over 50+ titles, with some noted as the industry's highest acclaimed franchises including: Quake, Duke Nukem 3D, SiN, Heavy Metal, Tomb Raider, 007, SiN Episodes, Heavy Metal: FAKK2, Star Trek, Metal of Honor and Counter Strike.
During his 26-year career, Robert’s companies and products have won dozens of industry awards and worldwide acclaim. Many of the products and technology have laid the groundwork for emerging interactive technologies and Esports.
In 2018, Robert received the Industry Giants Community Icon Award for his work at an employer, an educator, an entrepreneur, and his recent work with BALANCED using game technology to better the world and solve real-world diseases.

Our Official Episode Breakdown:

6:00- We meet Robert Atkins and learn his background 

8:50 - The landscape of gaming, and how it’s changed

11:15 - Who gaming is for, is it really just the kid in the basement, or who is actually picking up the controllers to play

12:40 - How has the advancement in the technology changed the gaming experience?

14:20 - How has technology advancements helped mot merge Hollywood with gaming

18:20 - Talking more about Balanced and the need they discovered, and how they intend to fulfill that

20:58 - We start diving into the details of this incredible technology, and Robert describes the ins and outs of how this actually not only entertains people, but does social good

23:20 - How we can use the data from ‘Citizen Science’ (and some examples) of how this has impacted change within

24:52 - The challenges with training the system for AI

26:20 - With the rise of gaming popularity, more specifically around the common play among friends, what makes their games attractive - more acceptance means more chance of growth

29:22 - As they open up a who new platform, and therefore revenue stream potential for developers, what’s their objection to building on this platform?

31:42 - With the massive shit in the way we have to think to accept these use cases, what is the current approach for Balanced as they start attracting businesses to their product

34:32 - With the Generation Z’ers growing up on gaming, how quickly will they adapt to something like this?

39:50 - We dig into the two year development cycle of this project and what were the things they discovered while building it, that they weren’t expecting

43:42 - With the struggle of finding the right message, have they discovered they may be a bit before their time, or is the technology space ready for this forward-thinking concept?

46:10 - Robert gives amazing advice for those looking to get into this industry

Want to learn more 

Visit http://www.balancedmediatechnology.com/

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