[PODCAST] The Challenges of Emerging Technology in Tolling and Transportation

 About This Discussion:

Although the North Texas Tollway Association is in the Dallas area, it’s an organization impacted by the entire nation. We had the honor of sitting down with James Hofmann, Executive Director and CEO for NTTA, to learn about this organization that we all use every day.

It was amazing to learn all of the touch points and huge topics that are on the road map for organizations like NTTA. It’s not just about how to build roads and collect tolls, but they’re thinking about and planning for some of emerging technology’s biggest issues including IoT, AI, Autonomous Cars and so much more.

We dove deep into their organization, how they’re addressing some of these large issues we’re going to see as technology advances, and what are some of the things that consumers should know about this organization.

We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we loved recording it because it was truly eye opening to learn about everything this organization does to keep the roads flowing and a top-notch user experience.

About James Hofmann:

James Hofmann is the Executive Director/CEO for NTTA, providing leadership to carry out policies established by the NTTA Board of Directors and to direct staff in carrying out the Authority’s mission. 

Hofmann is active in the toll industry, serving as a member of the IBTTA Board of Directors, chairman of the IBTTA Emerging Technologies Committee, chairman of the Central US interoperability steering committee and as a key contributor to the industry’s advancement towards national interoperability through the integration of regional hubs. Additionally, Hofmann served on the OmniAir Consortium’s Board of Directors from 2013-2018 with stints as both treasurer and vice chairman.​​​

Here's The Official Breakdown:

4:30 - What exactly is NTTA.org - is it a government entity, or is it privately owned? Plus the history of the toll roads and the organization.

8:00 - How exactly are new routes chosen, and how do this cities work with the organization to plan more roads.

8:58 - How much more demand is there for roads with the growth of DFW exploding? (This answer may surprise you.)

12:31 - Why is it that tolls are no longer an ‘in-vogue’ thing?

13:39 - Why was I-30 is no longer a tollroad, and will we see that in the future with the other toll roads?

17:06 - Why isn’t NTTA part of the new dual toll roads?

19:10 - The reason why we have one streamlined tag and bill when it comes to the tolls. 

21:15 - How do all of the operations work when we have one integrated billing

23:06 - Going more into the agreements and the requirements to work with these other regions with their tolling.

24:02 - What technology is required to make all three different tagging systems work together.

26:54 - Is there a revenue sharing program set-up with the different regions?

27:48 - Smart cities is a huge topic, and what NTTA is considering and planning when it comes to this initiative.

31:40 - What kind of technology including application requirements are on the horizon for NTTA and connected vehicles?

33:20 - What type of safety features are on the toll way, that we, as drivers aren’t even aware of?

35:10 - Are cameras used for any other purposes?

36:40 - When new projects come up with non-toll roads how does responsibility of building and payment get determined?

37:56 - What will the introduction of Autonomous Vehicles change the tollway as we know it?

40:20 - Does NTTA need to adjust for the increased use of ride-sharing programs and upcoming generations not valuing having their own car as much?

45:00 - What kind of integration opportunities are companies like NTTA looking at when it comes to toll tags?

46:10 - Should companies like NTTA even care about ride sharing apps and trying to accommodate them?

49:46 - What part did NTTA having in helping in trying to bring Amazon HQ to Dallas?


Want to reach out to NTTA - NTTA.org - you can also register your business here —>


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