[PODCAST] The Power of Storytelling in a Multi-Media Digital World

Uncategorized Jul 29, 2019

About this Discussion:

Katherine Dollar is a storytelling expert, working with tech companies to help them convey their message. Even though storytelling has been around forever, many companies don't utilize this tool well. In fact, by actually learning how to do this, you will easily stand out from the rest, earn some new customers, and help to sell what you need either internally or externally.

We had a fun conversation where we discussed how mature companies along with startups should consider using this medium, along with lots of different examples of how it has been done right.

Get ready to take some notes and be inspired.

About Katherine R. Dollar:

Katherine R. Dollar is a science fiction writer, content strategist, and owner of Moxie Blue Media, a storytelling and communication consultancy. She works with technology-driven brands ranging from cyber security to artificial intelligence, creating content strategies that help them engage and inspire in this competitive, multi-media world. 

Here's the official breakdown:

2:20 - Please ignore our horrible jokes (we debated for a long time about leaving them in there)

3:35 - What exactly is storytelling

5:01 - The importance of a hook and why innovative companies need to really start thinking about this

8:07 - When it comes to storytelling should you bring in the fiction vs. non-fiction, and why placement is everything

9:30 - Where within your company does storytelling fit (and this answer may surprise you)

10:45 - What departments seem to know their audience better

11:45 - Who does Katherine have to meet with in order to be able to create the right story

12:48 - How does internal storytelling fit into the picture

16:22 Syya talking about different ways of storytelling

17:20 - How much should companies think about when it comes to investing in this strategy

(and where are the budgets coming from)

19:35 - Where does storytelling fit into entrepreneurs and business owners, especially as they’re starting up

21:22 - What are creative ways that we can tell our stories?

22:50 - How important is it for a tech company to humanize their brand

26:47 - How do you keep people engaged with your storytelling? And do businesses not want to build tension.

31:10 - We get a few more tips and tricks on doing storytelling right

36:10 - What channels should include storytelling

39:41 - Why sharing your story along the way is so important (vs. waiting until you feel you’ve reached the end of your journey)

What to connect with Katherine? Visit: MoxieBlueMedia.com


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