[PODCAST] The Role of Emerging Tech in Marketing

About This Discussion:

We know that data has changed organizations and the way we do business. However, how has emerging technology and data had an effect on the marketing world? How has focusing on data allowed companies to be more precise in customer targeting, make better correlations between marketing and sales, and impacted the way companies attract customers?

Data actually plays a huge role, and that’s why we were excited to have this conversation with Marketing Technologist, Brandee Sanders. We discussed the role of data within marketing, how corporations can use this data correctly, and where it makes sense for data analytics to fit within a company, plus much more. We also talked about the role data has within politics, and questioned if data is taking away our ability to make our own decisions.

About Brandee Sanders:

Brandee Sanders is an Award-Winning woman in tech and has been featured in The NY Times, Condé Nast, New York Fashion Week, ETSY, Foodable TV Network, and INC. Magazine. She's a featured director of dynamic and immersive storytelling projects, including works with Emmy award-winning, Travel & Leisure, IFC, Passion Passport, Netflix, AOL, Hulu, MTV, PBS, Tribeca Film Festival, StarTalk and Cannes Film Festival featured media. Currently serving as Director of Marketing Operations at Appetize Technologies and pursuing a Master’s in Data and Analytics. 

Want to learn more about Brandee? Visit https://www.brandeesanders.com/

Here's the official episode breakdown:

4:10 - What is a Marketing Technologist and what makes them unique in the marketing field?

7:13 - How has focusing on technology been able to change the landscape of marketing?

10:47 - Is our data capable of measuring things like viral posts, likes, comments, etc, and align it with KPI’s of a business?

14:02 - In a world of data overload how can companies effectively gather and analyze it to be able to make better decisions?

16:10 - What kind of disadvantages do smaller businesses have in comparison to larger organizations because of the lack of access to data? (Or is there a disadvantage?)

20:05 - Has data changed the way larger organizations have to align their marketing teams? Is it making marketing less silo’d?

23:48 - When it comes to aligning sales with marketing efforts is the data better aligned with the results?

29:10 - Has technology helped to build a bridge between sales and marketing? And how can sales stop looking long-term vs. what’s happening immediately?

34:28 - When it comes to gathering this data, is this an IT dependent thing? Or who is responsible to pulling and analyzing this data?

36:10 - Where does data science fit within an organization, and where within an organization best fit? Does it belong near or within a marketing department?

40:10 - How are organizations working to develop these departments and determining where the data analytics best fit?

45:12 - Can this same data analytics be applied to politics? And will we see much more of this in future elections?

50:03 - Is technology actually passing the human capability of handling the data? Are we seeing data in a place where it twists facts to prove data?

55:17 - Is standard human nature going to make our ability to make our own decisions, almost impossible?

Want to learn more about Brandee? Visit https://www.brandeesanders.com/

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