[PODCAST] A Discussion With The Very Unofficial Innovation Council

podcast roundtable Feb 28, 2019

 About this Discussion:

Wine, friends, and innovation discussions, what could go wrong? We love talking tech, and some of today's top current events?

Join our growing family as we break down some of the most important topics in the world of innovation.

Tonight's guests include:

Leslie and Michael Flores from http://momentsbydesign.com/

Kurt Kelley https://www.linkedin.com/in/kurtkelleydfw/

Adam Lotia https://www.linkedin.com/in/adaml/

+ 3 super secret guests. One that talks, 2 that say hello.

Below, is just a breakdown of what we talked about:

1:00 Women in Tech Leadership Event, Get your Tickets —>  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/innovation-calling-women-in-tech-leadership-live-podcast-recording-tickets-55511986847

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3:20 - Samsung Galaxy Fold — What’s the hype and is it worth it?

5:00 - Samsung isn’t the first to the market with this (and there are cooler ones)

8:00 - Why Apple needs to up their game?

11:00 - How much information is too much in what we’re giving away?

12:00 - Our new guest arrives

14:00 - Black Mirror - Are you watching it and should you be watching it?

14:40 - Is your data even safe now?

16:00 - Are you giving up your rights, simply by going out in public?

21:45 - Is our hesitation to share data, holding us back as a country?

25:00 - Are we behind in AI and can AI be trusted?

31:30 - Pepsico Layoff — Was it necessary? And should corporations be responsible for re-training their workforce

43:00 - The change of the Top 5 Global Brands - What does the extreme change mean for our future?

48:00 - Interesting Trivia Question - What year was Nintendo Born (we bet you have no idea the answer)

53:00 - The business of frenemies - Do you need to change your strategy?

56:00 - Lightsaber dueling - good sport?!

57:00 - Are women the reason podcasting is so successful?

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