[PODCAST] The Very Unofficial Innovation Council - April Edition

ar podcast space startups May 03, 2019

We’re back for our Very Unofficial Innovation Council Podcast. Even though we had a lighter group than normal, we still attempted to save all of the world’s innovation problems.

We talked IPO’s, Star Wars, Startups, Black Holes, and so much more in this roundtable podcast.

2:38 - Uber and Lyft IPO - what does it mean for us? Are we excited?

5:30 - As a woman, does Uber scare you?

9:27 - Star Wars trailer came out — what is this about?

11:30 - Mike continues to school us on Star Wars, after just a two minute trailer

13:55 - The first picture of a black hole — We break it down - and Erin’s complete lack of space knowledge rears its ugly head

16:00 Syya actually admits she might like millennials

17:00 - Dealing with the woman crap of people trying to not give her credit on making this happen

19:00 - Why don’t we care about something of this size caliber?

22:00 - Why was the label ‘Dr.’ left off of so many of the articles about Dr. Katie Bouman

26:00 - Amazon Alexa listens to us, and are we surprised?

30:00 - Recordings aren’t a new thing, and Erin dates herself

33:00 - Talking about start-ups. How much should you sell yourself 

37:00 - When it comes to working with corporations, how much is that logo really worth?

45:10 - SpaceX lands all 3 rocket boosters at the same time, what does that mean to you?

49:00 - Elon Musk raps about gorillas.

51:00 - Grove Jones created a VR display of Dallas hero Dirk Nowitzki

P.S. Our awesome panelist, Leslie has her website going live like crazy soon. Click the website to see the goods ---> Leslie's awesome business 

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