[PODCAST] The Very Unofficial Innovation Council

innovation council Aug 22, 2019

About This Discussion: 

We gathered around the Unofficial Innovation Council and put a new all-women spin on it to talk about, what we feel is the greatest generation.


Well, we are part of some amazing innovation, taking on huge leadership roles, but are stuck in this middle ground, where we think like Baby Boomers in many ways, but also have the tech-savviness of Millennials.

In this episode, we discuss what makes Gen X so great, and how we've helped shape the world to what it is today, and why we are often overlooked.

There were lots of laughs, lots of Mike Rowe talk (just listen it will make sense), and lots of discussion around a topic we had to bring to light!

3:00 We’re talking Gen X - They’re known as the forgotten generation, but are they the greatest generation?

5:00 - What makes GenX so amazing

6:30 - Are Gen X’ers missing out on leadership opportunities, and how does access to all of our knowledge help them do that

9:05 - Where to entrepreneurship come into play of Gen X in Corporate Leaderships?

10:50 - Does the ability to create platforms give Millennials the leg up in getting what they want from life?

14:22 - How has learning and creating the ability to pivot helped the Gen Xer’s

16:49 - Does time and experience make for great leaders?

21:38 - Is education adapting quickly enough to match up what we are creating and how fast things are moving?

25:20 - How much will education change as Millennials raise children, and what will we expect them to pursue?

27:10 - Gen X has the money, so why is no one marketing to us? And should we care about this?

31:24 - We trail off and start talking make-up, hair, and how we use YouTube

33:10 - How much does Gen X’ers voting matter

36:33 - Going back to the marketing issue, do we really not care that we’re not getting targeted?

41:20 - Where are Millennials spending their money?

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