[PODCAST] Utilizing Technology to Amplify Collaboration

podcast Sep 04, 2020

Every podcaster has experienced the issue of recording online only to find that the audio quality is extremely lacking. Zach Moreno and Rock Felder, Co-Founders of SquadCast.fm saw this exact need and decided to do something about it.

How did they go from start-up to having some of the brightest minds in podcasting refer to SquadCast.fm as “the industry standard” to record your show remotely? They share their story in this episode of Innovation Calling. From start-up to a huge increase in users thanks to the pandemic, these co-founders have continued to focus primarily on not just filling a need, but making sure their quality is the industry standard.

Join us as these co-founders discuss their mission to empower creatives to continue to engage in meaningful conversations without having to think twice about technology.

5:00 - Where the idea for SquadCast came from, and why it was so important to find a higher quality option for remote recording

10:10 - The ultimate question of when you see a gap, that’s great, but where do you begin to figure out how the gap can be filled, and how you find the right people to actually fill that gap.

11:47 - Why it’s not just about finding an unmet need but focusing to become the absolute best in the world at it.

12:24 - When it comes to creating a new product, how did the feature list get created, and how did you determine what was absolutely non-negotiable for features?

14:04 - Even though the technology is important, what goes into the customer service side? Erin shares a story of how SquadCast.fm came to the rescue after a first time recording disappeared.

15:47 - When it came to launching, what type of MVP did you release, and what were the hiccups/issues that you had to overcome?

20:40 - With the pandemic hitting, there were businesses that thrived, SquadCast.fm being one of them. How were they able to handle the sudden uptick in usage, and was this something they were ready for in their business?

23:31 - When adding something like video capability, what does it take from a technology side to make that happen? How much infrastructure needs to be added?

26:18 - Comparing here you are now, to where you want to go, what are some of the obstacles you’re having to overcome in order to get there?

31:52 - With podcasting being typically a straight audio format, what is SquadCast.fm seeing in terms of the demand for video?

33:33 - With many people thinking they need video, is the return on investment really there or is it many times where great audio production is enough?

35:15 - When it comes to podcasting, what are some of the more unusual podcasts the team at SquadCast.fm has come across?

39:27 - Are more and more businesses using podcasting as a way to grow their audience and customer base?

41:53 - Exploring the standard startup conversation about to get investors or not. SquadCast.fm chose the later, and what as the reason behind that decision? As they grow their company is this a decision that they still feel solid in?

Want to learn more about SquadCast? Visit SquadCast.fm

You can also listen to their podcast Between 2 Mics here: https://between2mics.simplecast.com/episodes/

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