[PODCAST] Why Careers Should Be Considered Jungle Gyms and Not Ladders




About this Discussion:

Angela Ticknor of Salesforce joined us for our Live Series of Women in Technology Leadership and shared some amazing stories of climbing the corporate jungle gym, and overcoming various obstacles, including cancer as she climbed her way to the top.

She also shared how her growth mindset was the catalyst for her amazing corporate career, and how various mentors and books changed her entire perspective on how to build her career.

About Angela Ticknor:

Angela Ticknor is Salesforce Regional Vice President of Customer Success. She has built her career driving business transformation and enterprise change management through the development of outcome-focused SaaS and CRM solutions. After several successful implementations of Salesforce for several leading media and high-tech companies, Angela decided to follow her passion and became part of the Salesforce Ohana in 2013 as a Senior Principal in Customer Success Manager in 2013. Quickly advancing to Director and then Regional Vice President of Customer Success, she works with clients to drive adoption and realize business value from Salesforce solutions, Angela is commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace. In 2014, Angela Ticknor became the co-founder of #PaveItforward, a networking event that brings together over 100+ C-level executives from across DFW each year to promote women in leadership. 

For more information: www.salesforce.com

Here is the official breakdown of the episode:

 2:43 - We start out with winters in Buffalo…

3:55 - Angela starts to tell us about where her drive came from

5:30 - Why Angela wanted more than just finding a husband

7:40 - Where Angela started realizing she had a gift of understanding tech and being able to communicate it to others

10:30 - How Angela learned how to make her own rules within the game

12:30 - When Angela learned how to really utilize her negotiations skills

16:20 - Why mentorship was so important to Angela’s career

20:00 - The impact Lean In had on Angela’s career and the balance of her family

22:25 - Why changing lanes was a part of Angela’s career goals

24:00 - How does Angela handle imposture syndrome

26:21 - Angela’s trick for making sure she’s strategic in every meeting with executives

29:01 - How Angela developed her growth mindset

31:51 - Why perseverance trumps talent every single time.

32:30 - What Angela looks for when she hires

33:50 - Angela talks about her attitude in getting through a cancer diagnosis and treatment

39:10 - What’s the difference between mentorship and sponsorship?

42:10 - The one crucial thing that Angela thinks women do wrong in leadership roles

44:25 - The importance of STEM in today’s educational world

47:10 - What Angela teaches her kids about leadership

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